Thursday, October 30, 2008

$2.17 - No lie!

I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch break today. I treated myself to a chicken pecan salad sandwich from Arby's (highly recommend). I ate in my car with the windows rolled down (remember I'm in Minnesota) and felt a nice breeze as I read the Book of Mormon (also highly recommend). And, I filled up the gas tank at $2.17 a gallon - no joke. This is very exciting because it means that just maybe, maybe, maybe airfare will go down ever so slightly or, if it doesn't, it won't be too horrible for Pedro and I to drive back to Utah for Christmas. Pray the roads aren't too bad.

Another reason I enjoy my lunch break is that I actually have one (rather than an all-day break). I've been doing temp work at different companies around the St. Paul area for the past month. I've loved meeting people and making new friends. This week at Nexstar, I've met some great people. They are so NICE! The sad thing about making new friends at work as a temp is that tomorrow I have to say goodbye. I am a big fan of email and facebook. It helps me stay at least somewhat connected to all my favorite people.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Little Greenies

We like plants. Lots of plants.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Tuesday Morning Run

Tuesday morning means a 7 a.m. institute class, Parables of Christ, and a run along the Mississippi River. Here's what you might see if you were me. And, fyi, I ran in the cold rain last week, which is big for me because my sensitive ears don't do well in wind or cold. So, usually, if it's too cold, I stay inside and do yoga. I salute all you brave, diligent souls who run regardless the weather conditions. But, if you are like me, unless the morning looks like these pictures, I highly recommend for an indoor workout.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mall of America - This one is for my Grandma

One evening Pedro and I got slightly lost as we tried to navigate the highways of the Twin Cities area while looking for a green house (we like to visit nurseries and see the plant variety). We found ourselves near Bloomington and decided to check out the Mall of America, a destination which is on the top of many lists of people who find themselves near Minneapolis.
This place is enormous! It has way too many stores for the good of consumer debt. Pedro and I aren't big mall shoppers; we'd prefer a day in the mountains. But, it was neat to see some of the themes the restaurants use to attract slightly hungry shoppers: rainforests, Forest Gump, classic 50's look, etc.

Our favorite part of the mall was Lego Land. The giant lego displays were incredible! They have a big place for kids (big and small) to build whatever they want with legos.

For anyone who comes to visit us, we'll give you a tour if you'd like.