Monday, January 25, 2010

Frogs are made for a little boys pocket

While in the process of giving our blog a new look, I found this fun froggy background. It probably won't be our permanent look, but it is so fun, I thought I'd keep it for a few days - maybe long enough for my missionary brother to see it when he checks his email. So, let me know when you see it, okay, Elder Mills.

A few stories/ thoughts about some of the frogs in my life:

1. The frogs in Bolivia don't croak; they whistle. In several areas where I served an LDS mission, my companion and I often heard and/or saw several hundred frogs after dusk as we walked country roads near ponds or muddy fields. To me, the chorus of whistling soothed like a nostalgic folk song. To my second companion in Trinidad, the sound sent chills up her spine. Hermana Rocha: by day, a fearless, bold commander in God's army not unlike a stereotypical drill sergeant (minus the cussing); by night, a whimpering, squealing school girl clinging to my arm as we carefully sidestepped the puddles and the hopping shadows in our path.

2. With his chubby cheeks, sometimes Pedrito's cute face looks a little froggy.

3. Once I left my muddy hiking boots just outside the door. The next morning I discovered a frog had made my shoe his home for the night. I'm glad I noticed the frog before I put my foot in the shoe. That would've been gross.

4. In the fourth grade, my teacher gave us a turn to take home Billy Bob, the class frog (toy), and write a story about his adventures. I can't remember what I wrote, but I remember someone painted lipstick on another toy frog and wrote about Billy Bob getting married.

5. Though I didn't know this frog personally, I won't forget about hearing the analogy of sin like putting a frog in a pot of boiling water. He jumps right out unless you turn the heat up slowly so he is comfortable until he get cooked. Ouch!

6. I'm not sure if I actually remember this or not, but my mom has a picture I drew of a family vacation to Zion's National Park. I was probably three or four when we hiked to Emerald Springs. I got a kick out of catching tiny frogs in the pools. I don't think I put any in my pockets, but if I did . . . Sorry little froggy.

COMMENT: Share any funny/interesting/not-super-gross stories or thoughts you have about the frogs in your life. This will be fun to read.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laughing with Dad

Sunday afternoon was one of those moments when everything is perfect and you only worry about the lighting being good enough to capture the moment forever.

Pedro T. laughed hysterically when his daddy made a puff of air sound then Daddy laughed at T's laugh. They kept each other going for more than 10 minutes.

I love my handsome guys.

T is for tease.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What would be a good title . . . hmmm . . . tales of a stressed-out-now-grateful mom who just got her screaming baby to sleep

Yeah, that seems to fit the situation.

This kid better be teething. If that is the case, he has my full sympathy. Tiny daggers pushing out tender gums would merit this kind of screaming. However, if he is not teething, that kid better be in a better mood when he wakes up from his nap.

I had plans to visit some friends from work and show off my adorable baby, but I had one small problem: my baby was NOT being adorable. Such is life I guess. Maybe another day.

The scream session did have a happy little pause. Whenever Little Zi Guy, as I refer to him sometimes, sees me drinking water, he must have some. He leans forward, puckers his big lips and reaches for the glass. Then with help from his mom, he can actually drink from the glass. He loves this!

So, just to see how serious his problem was, I offered him a drink from a glass. His cries stopped instantly as he leaned in for a drink. However, I think his reason for screaming must have been legitimate since he managed only a few slurps before picking up where he left off with the last yell.

One of these days, I'll get pictures of his "I want a drink" face, but for now enjoy his first taste of baby food at Grandma's house on his 5-month birthday, January 8.