Monday, April 20, 2009

Saltena Cravings & the Belly Bump

This is my 25-week belly bump. The little boy who is making this belly bump kicks - A LOT! The doctor says he has a very healthy heartbeat. This active kid will keep us active, no doubt.

On Friday at work, I nearly bought a ticket for Arlington, Virginia, where there are a few good Bolivian restaurants because I was craving a saltena. I walked down to Arby's hoping a sandwich would curb the craving, but the artificialness of fastfood got to me, and I walked back to work without buying anything.
Over the next two days I spent several hours - I listened to a whole book on c.d. - making saltenas. The filling has to refrigerate over night. But, they actually turned out pretty good. Pedro loved them and actually burned his tongue a couple times because he didn't want to wait for one to cool. When asked to comment, he said, "--------." He just kept eating - a good sign.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter is a wonderful time of rememberance and renewal. I love seeing beautiful flowers in the spring time. But, everlastingly more beautiful is the Resurrection of Christ. We are so grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ who suffered for our sins, died, was resurrected and lives. HE LIVES! And, because of Him we have the assurance that we, too, will live again after death. If we keep His commandments we can live with our families forever in eternal life. What an amazing gift! We recommit to commemmorate Easter not just today, but each week as we partake of the sacrament and renew our covenants.

Gloria to God! Hosanna to the Lamb!

Families can be together forever!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Florida Part Two

My aunt, Sharla, and enjoyed the World's Showcase at Epcot. Did I mention before that I LOVED wearing sandals every day I was in Florida? Happy feet.

My last post mentioned that the airshow was canceled - tornado warnings happen, you know. But, surprise, later that day my aunt heard the jets, so we drove over to the Air Force base in time to see the Navy's Blue Angels perform an amazing show. The pictures aren't the greatest. I wish I'd had my SLR camera and lens instead of the little point-and-shoot. Also, the jets were a lot closer than they appear in the pics. Imagine seeing five or six blue jets flying at 400 - 600 miles per hour scarily-close together right over your head.
Sunday evening we went for a walk on the beach. Amazing sunset! How could anyone be atheist?

On beautiful, sunny Monday, my aunt and I drove their speed boat around the bay and out into the Gulf of Mexico. Green and blue are my favorite colors (though I like red a lot, too)! I loved driving the boat. I derived a simple joy of zig-zagging across the water and seeing the shape of the wake behind us. My aunt says Pedro and I should get a boat because I'm a "natural". Who knew? I did keep my speed under control for the baby's sake. We watched birds comokasi dive into the water for a fishy breakfast. And, we saw a dolphin - such beautiful creatures. To top it off, I got a sunburn on my left arm. My Minnesota friends will be so jealous. j/k I must have put sunscreen on my right arm twice. I blame it on the pregnancy - not my baby, but the pregnancy.