Friday, February 25, 2011

floor seasoning?

Why is it my toddler insists on throwing his food on the floor and only eats it when he is supposed to be picking it up to throw it away. Does he know something I don't. Does being on the floor magically give it a special seasoning?

I told Pedro yesterday that Rody is unofficially two. I think he started the terrible two's six months early.

But, he just came up and gave me an unrequested, spontaneous hug, so maybe he just time travels occasionally.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I enjoyed a beautiful birthday sunrise and 50* temperatures from my Heavenly Father on top of everything else He has given me.

I delighted in the strawberry lemonade green smoothie I made in the new turbo blender Pedro surprised me with one day as an early birthday gift.

I felt so grateful to worship in the temple with my husband while my awesome visiting teacher babysat.

A dear friend surprised me with gorgeous tulips.

My sweet grandparents sent cards.

I spent most of the afternoon and evening talking with wonderful family and friends who called with birthday wishes.

My adorable son randomly pecked the side of my leg with kisses and actually held still and cuddled on my lap for about ten minutes.

Does life really get any better?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Why do videos take so long to upload?

2+ hours!! Is that normal? Well, enjoy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

taking me back to Great Harvest

In college, before my mission, I worked with my friend, Kiley, at Great Harvest Bread Co. It was by far the most fun job ever. Other jobs have been slightly more challenging with regard to intellect and interpersonal communication. But, working at the Great Harvest in Logan was just plain FUN. I loved baking delicious bread, slicing delicious bread, giving away free (and, of course, selling) delicious bread and EATING delicious bread.

James, the manager/owner, was down-to-earth, but business savvy. He knew how to make customers happy so they kept coming back for more. He encouraged a work atmosphere that was detail-oriented, upbeat, friendly and enthusiastic. We knew the names of our daily/weekly customers. It was like Cheers.

I later learned through sad experience that not all Great Harvests are managed equally. But, that is another story and not really the point of this post.

The point is that today I made bread - specialty bread: Garlic Cheddar, Spinach Muenster, and Sun-dried Tomato Basil.

Taste bud Heaven.

and, a nice little walk down memory lane past Great Harvest Bread Co.

Mmmm, can't you just smell it?