Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sharks in the barn

This is the quick-response dialogue that passed between father and son this morning:

Rody: be careful, papa, that's my barn. (as Pedro sat on the couch to put on his shoes)

Pedro: oh, okay. What kinds of animals do you have in your barn? Chickens?

Rody: yes

Pedro: and horses, pigs and ducks?

Rody: yeah

Pedro: and cows and buffalo?

Rody: NO! of course not! the buffalo are in that field (said without skipping a beat)

Pedro: oh okay, and cats and dogs?

Rody: yup

Pedro: and sharks?

Rody: No Way!

Pedro: oh, no sharks in the barn?

Rody: of course not, the sharks are in the water over there.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kinnickinnic River Area Adventure

Pedro says flukey things happen to me frequently. I disagree. Odd things happen to everyone every so often. But, I did have a couple incidents on our adventure.

Pedro wanted to check out the Kinnickinnic River, famous for trout fishing. So, we hopped the border into Wisconsin (the day before the recall election) and explored around River Falls, WI.

While Pedro fished for a bit, Rody and I walked along the river bank trail - until we ran into some kind of poison ivy type plant. Our legs were stinging and itchy as we hurried to get to a place where we could soak in the water. Oh, the relief of cold flowing river water!

The land around River Falls is beautiful: rolling fields, forested knolls, classic farm homes and barns.

The sunset was gorgeous. At one point, I asked Pedro to stop so I could get out to take some pictures. However, upon trying to exit the vehicle, some how my pant loop got stuck on the zipper loop of the cooler, not in the zipper, but it's loop actually looped a hole in my loop. Once I enlisted Pedro's help, it still took five minutes and ripping a bigger hole in the loop of my pants to free me from the Catch-22 humiliation of either walking around with a small cooler dragging from my belt loop or ditching my pants all together.

Due to that delay, I didn't quite get the sunset picture I'd hope for, but I had fun snapping shots out of the window as we drove home.