Monday, September 22, 2008

The Wolfman and Apple Pie

This is the story about how to pacify a hungry wolfman with Dutch apple pie so that he will let you cut his hair and sing you love songs on the guitar.

The Wolfman appeared calm at first, then he began to get ravenously hungry. Thinking fast, Lisa presented him with her newest creation, a traditional Dutch apple pie (thanks Morwenna). The Wolfman was so ecstatic when he saw the pie, he ate it with a voracious appetite and a smile. Then, to her utter amazement, he let Lisa cut his hair - what trust. Then, the Wolfman got a great idea. He played the guitar and sang Lisa love songs. What a happy ending all because of apple pie.

(okay, so that wasn't exactly a completely true story, but I did make apple pie which Pedro enjoyed and he did let me cut his hair, which he didn't enjoy quite as much, but tolerated, and he did play the guitar and sing me love songs)

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