Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Florida Part Two

My aunt, Sharla, and enjoyed the World's Showcase at Epcot. Did I mention before that I LOVED wearing sandals every day I was in Florida? Happy feet.

My last post mentioned that the airshow was canceled - tornado warnings happen, you know. But, surprise, later that day my aunt heard the jets, so we drove over to the Air Force base in time to see the Navy's Blue Angels perform an amazing show. The pictures aren't the greatest. I wish I'd had my SLR camera and lens instead of the little point-and-shoot. Also, the jets were a lot closer than they appear in the pics. Imagine seeing five or six blue jets flying at 400 - 600 miles per hour scarily-close together right over your head.
Sunday evening we went for a walk on the beach. Amazing sunset! How could anyone be atheist?

On beautiful, sunny Monday, my aunt and I drove their speed boat around the bay and out into the Gulf of Mexico. Green and blue are my favorite colors (though I like red a lot, too)! I loved driving the boat. I derived a simple joy of zig-zagging across the water and seeing the shape of the wake behind us. My aunt says Pedro and I should get a boat because I'm a "natural". Who knew? I did keep my speed under control for the baby's sake. We watched birds comokasi dive into the water for a fishy breakfast. And, we saw a dolphin - such beautiful creatures. To top it off, I got a sunburn on my left arm. My Minnesota friends will be so jealous. j/k I must have put sunscreen on my right arm twice. I blame it on the pregnancy - not my baby, but the pregnancy.


Kiley said...

Even being here in Utah, I'm jealous. What a nice warm vacation! So lucky!

Larkin said...

Looks like you had so much fun!!! I am definately missing Hawaii right now.. isn't warm weather great!!!

Wu said...

It's been cold in Utah. How lucky to go to warm weather!