Monday, April 5, 2010

Strawberry smoothie and baby poop stains

It is somewhat ironic or at least interesting that the cute white skirt I wore in our engagement pictures ended up with two spots: a pink one from the strawberry smoothie I made my husband and a yellow one from my son's leaky diaper.

Last night when I saw the two stains, I reflected (somewhat sadly) how my clean white engagement skirt got ruined (indirectly in my husband's case) by the products of that engagement. Hmmm. Ponderous.

However, today I was able to wash out both stains - YAY! I can enjoy my skirt good as new and my sweet husband and lovable son. There's probably something ironic or symbolic or some kind of deeper meaning that could be extracted from these new developments, but I'm a mom and it's been a rough day with a teething tot, so that's all.


Kiley said...

Deeper meaning, yes.

But isn't it funny how I never buy white clothes anymore because I know they won't stay white? . . . and I cringe inside whenever I put the sparkling white shirt Jake got for Christmas on him . . . I guess I've got to just live and forget about the impending stains.

Jenny said...

Cute blog! Your baby is adorable. Whenever I go to my parents house and drive by Crestview and your old street, I think of all the time we spent playing in your backyard...and in your house...and playing soccer... How did you get the stains out?