Friday, June 4, 2010

More to come - for Brette

Hiking on the North Shore of the Lake Superior

Playing with a friend
Enjoying a sandwich
Clapping for joy (or attention, maybe)
He started doing a crinkle nose smile a couple weeks ago. He has a genetic disposition to point with his middle finger. His aunt and grandpa have it, too. When she saw him point with it, the doctor said, "Oh, aren't you clever!" - I agree.

You've been asking for these, Sis. I'll post more soon.



Anonymous said...

why is your son flipping everyone off?


Brette said...

Yay! new pictures!! thanks Lu!

pccf said...
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JR and Dani said...

Oh, he's CUTE!!! Aww, I LOVE him! Thank you thank you for posting these pictures! :)

Katie B.C. said...

I recognize that "friend!" Nice and cute pictures!