Saturday, July 10, 2010

I finally did it!

I went shopping for me (something I rarely do).
I tried on swimsuit (something I almost never do).
I bought a swimsuit (something I haven't done in years).
I wore my new swimsuit and board shorts (something I haven't done since before I was married, according to my husband).
I felt good in my swimsuit and board shorts (something that hasn't happened since, oh, maybe since I was 11)

We took little Pedro T. to a wading pool to splash around (something I plan to do a lot).

He loves walking while holding on my fingers and chasing a little ball around the pool. And, he really loves watching the other kids splash and play.

July is a great month!


jeff and alli said...

Hey fun! I hear you on the swimsuit thing, I haven't shopped for a swimsuit since before we were married either. There is a pool here though so I've finally decided to put that old thing on.

If you ever want to bring Pedro over and play in the pool, let me know.

Kiley said...

Good job! A fun summer ahead, eh?

Brittany Roscheck said...

I've had a heck of a time finding a good swimsuit! Going swimming in an absolute must with a little one though! So fun!

Clarinda said...

Congrats! Now, do you feel good enough to post pics?

Also, that was TWICE in ONE week that you were able to shop for YOURSELF! How are your new running shoes?