Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tim McGraw - Live in concert - in my living room

Pedro and I are sitting on our couch preparing our primary lessons . . . while we listen to Tim McGraw sing "Live like you were dying" live in concert. How cool is that?!!!

No I'm serious! I'm listening to Tim McGraw live in concert. The sound quality could be a little better. Maybe I should open more windows or go outside. See, he is performing at the Minnesota State Fair which is practically in my back yard.

Anyone who says Tim McGraw isn't inspirational never prepared a primary lesson while listening to his song "Live like you were dying."


Brittany Roscheck said...

How fun! I wish I was there. I LOVE Tim McGraw!

Kiley said...

Fun! By the way . . . I'm so sorry we didn't get to stop by the other day!

Janelle said...

Lucky - I have always wanted to hear him in concert!