Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I love meetings!

Most people I know express a general dislike for meetings. I am not one of those people. Even if I am subjected to an unorganized, inefficient meeting (they drive me crazy), I get a kick out of evaluating it and identifying how it could have been shorter or more effective. Weird, I know. I love agendas, too. Now that you know, go ahead and snicker in my general direction (northeast for most people reading this).

I've been involved as a member of the board of directors for our neighborhood cooperative for a little over a year now. I get a strange thrill of directing an efficient, interactive meeting regardless of the topic. Tonight we discussed a marketing plan, a pet policy, a grant funding option and reviewed our vision, mission and values to guide our strategic planning. It was awesome!

The members of our board are phenomenal. They are intelligent, considerate people from India, China, Jordan, Tanzania, Brazil and the USA. I love the dynamics as we analyze the options, play devil's advocate and learn from different points of view as we try to create or revise good policy for our community.

Some people like movies; I like meetings. Go figure.

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Emily said...

Now THAT is a great and very useful talent! :)