Monday, January 31, 2011

I caved

It's not like I promised myself I would never do it. I always knew it would happen someday. It's just I really wished I could have gotten away with not doing it longer than I did.

But, today, I caved.

I plugged my son into a VeggieTales show so I could make dinner without my stubborn child forcing a step-stool up to the sink to play with (and drop) the dirty dishes or up to the stove to stir whatever is in the boiling pot.

I caved, and I liked it.

I got dinner in the oven in record time with only seven or eight interruptions. Then, I got to play ball with a happy, unplugged boy while it cooked.


Maecy said...

I have long ago stopped feeling guilty. Everything in moderation, including kids in the kitchen, I say. And as you point out, with less interruption to get things done-more play time ensues! Not an everyday occurrence by any means, but just when needful. Love it :)

jeff and alli said...

Ah, I understand. But hey, at least it was Veggie Tales right?

Tyler and Megan said...

I think you are great! don't sweat the small stuff