Friday, February 25, 2011

floor seasoning?

Why is it my toddler insists on throwing his food on the floor and only eats it when he is supposed to be picking it up to throw it away. Does he know something I don't. Does being on the floor magically give it a special seasoning?

I told Pedro yesterday that Rody is unofficially two. I think he started the terrible two's six months early.

But, he just came up and gave me an unrequested, spontaneous hug, so maybe he just time travels occasionally.


Kiley said...

Good luck with his terrible two's!

Katie B.C. said...

Yeah- the terrible twos for sure start at 18 months for my kids. Sometimes by the time they actually reach age 2 they are even less terrible!

Brittany Roscheck said...

Mike asked today if the terrible two's means that Ryan will throw a fit whenever he doesn't get what he wants. It seems like they have started early here too, but only occasionally. GOOD LUCK!