Monday, September 12, 2011

Kites and Talking Milk

Before lunch, Rody colored all over a piece of paper which we turned into a kite and attempted with some success to fly in the back yard. Fortunately, he has no idea how little air time we achieved compared to normal kite-flying expectations. He had a magnificent time running with the spool in his hand, the kite mostly dragging behind him catching a couple feet of air every lucky second or two.

At lunch, Rody turned his head sideways, put his ear down on top of his cup of milk, and said, "The milk says 'Come play with us.'"


Kiley said...

Cute kid!

Candy & Kurt Reeder Family said...

Hey Ya'll!!!!!! Your kid is adorable!!! Candy hopes that our kid will be at all like yours. Anyhow... we have updated our blog at long last. enjoy!!

much love
Kurt and Candy