Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sharks in the barn

This is the quick-response dialogue that passed between father and son this morning:

Rody: be careful, papa, that's my barn. (as Pedro sat on the couch to put on his shoes)

Pedro: oh, okay. What kinds of animals do you have in your barn? Chickens?

Rody: yes

Pedro: and horses, pigs and ducks?

Rody: yeah

Pedro: and cows and buffalo?

Rody: NO! of course not! the buffalo are in that field (said without skipping a beat)

Pedro: oh okay, and cats and dogs?

Rody: yup

Pedro: and sharks?

Rody: No Way!

Pedro: oh, no sharks in the barn?

Rody: of course not, the sharks are in the water over there.


LaVon said...

What a smarty pants! Cute as they come!

jeff and alli said...

Oh, I love the cute funny creative things kids say!