Saturday, March 28, 2009

Even a rainy day in Florida is fabulous because, hey, it's Florida

I am treating myself to a quick trip out of the frozen Northland to visit an aunt in Florida. We enjoyed an amazingly perfect, sunny day at Epcot on Thursday. I loved the Canadian Celtic rock band "Off Kilter." My growing baby boy joyfully devoured a Norwegian sandwich. (I like to attribute any extreme or unstable physical or emotional states of being to my sweet little fetus.) As a pregnant lady, I couldn't ride all the rides, but we had a great time walking around the World's Showcase and analyzing Disney's political/cultural agenda.

Now, in northern Florida near an Air Force base, my aunt feels bad because they cancelled the airshow due to a tornado/storm warning. But, I can't be too disappointed because even though the rain is pouring down, I'm just happy to be out of 0* coldness.

Also, my tummy popped out this week, so my pants are a little too tight for comfort. We went on a successful, little shopping trip so now I don't have to walk around with the top button undone.


Miles Family said...

I was having a very bad day (missing my husband and being very sick) when I just turned on your blog, the music on your blog really made me feel better.
So thanks,

Kimber said...

I agree. A baby in your tummy is a perfect excuse for anything! And when he joins you, the excuses continue! If want to leave somewhere (or don't want to go somewhere) ... baby needs a nap. If you're moody and emotional ... you were up with the baby last night. And best of all, if you want some Mommy-baby cuddle time away from everyone else ... baby needs to be fed! And off you go for some bonding!

Kiley said...

Hooray for a vacation! I'm happy for you! And enjoy those maternity clothes!

Erin said...

You are so lucky your tummy just barely popped out! Haha, I have not been as lucky! I've been doing the rubber band your pants closed thing for like a week now and I'm like 8 weeks behind you! : ) We are so excited for you and your little boy!