Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby's First Real Hike

Okay, so the little guy didn't do much except come along for the ride. I guess technically, his first hike was in December at just a couple weeks as an embryo. But, he is a lot bigger now (almost 4 lbs), so it counts more, especially since I was carrying him.

A couple Fridays ago, before Pedro started his judicial externship, I took off work and we headed north to Lake Superior. I loved getting away from the city to the rivers, trees and trails of some state parks a few hours up the coast. We hiked about a total of 10 miles near waterfalls, by a lighthouse and along the Superior Hiking Trail. I LOVE THE MOUNTAINS! It felt so good to breathe really clean, fresh air and hike a trail where we didn't see other people for at least an hour or two.

On one hike, Pedro saw some sun glasses in a river. He waded in and rescued them only to discover they were kids' glasses.

Important note: In my opinion, hiking is not hiking without some type of elevation in some type of natural nature. There is not a lot of elevation in the Twin Cities area, though there are a few places of natural nature.


Daniela Puga said...

AWWW!!! You guys look so cute!

Miles Family said...

I miss Minnesota so Much! I was more north and the cliffs were beautiful. We use to go blueberry picking in the summer.

Wellness Group said...

Lisa- you look great, and it sounds like you feel great too! That's awesome :) Keep having adventures and good luck with the next little while before Pedro Jr. comes.

Mr. and Mrs. Pike said...

you're looking great, lisa! i'm so glad you're staying active. it'll make your delivery easier!

Andrew and Rachel said...

Baby Pedro will look so cute in those glasses you found! Way to go!