Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the doctor's fault we bought a little barbeque

After a 20-minute doctor appointment turned into a two-hour appointment over lunch time, Pedro was determined to barbeque shrimp and vegetable shish kabobs.

So, we went in for a 40-week visit. They were running late, so I was really glad to have Pedro keep me company and keep me laughing while we waited. My favorite quote from our goofy conversation is: "The doctor is going to come in with a cup of pitocin and say 'Drink up.'"

She didn't give me a cup of pitocin, but she did hook me up to a monitor just to make sure baby was fine - then she forgot about us (we think). The baby is just fine, just stubborn. Afterward, we paid Wal-mart a visit and got a cheap barbeque with the baby gift card from Uncle Joe. I'm sure the baby will appreciate a barbeque eventually.

The kabobs were amazing! We also enjoyed the fruits of our labors - from the garden: cherry tomatoes, spaghetti squash and zucchini. Yum!


Kiley said...

Mmmm! That sounds so good! I'm glad Pedro was there with you - it always makes the wait easier when you have someone to laugh with . . . My Mom came with me to Nathan's last appointment at Primary Children's. We think they forgot about us, too (by the time we left we had been there for almost two hours). It was nice My dear Mother was there to talk to and laugh with!

Good luck with the next few days! I hope Pedro Jr. comes soon!

Erin said...

A little barbeque was Justin's Father's Day present. Totally worth it and we have had some tasty kabobs too! Hope your little one arrives soon!

Blaire said...

Hang in there :)

Daniela Puga said...

You should have taken the little barbeque you gave me. I still have the lighter fluid and coal too. It's just hanging out at grandma's. Anyway, mom wants to make shish kabobs for my wedding.

The Kelley's said...

Hey, thanks for leaving a note on my blog. I haven't seen or heard from you in so long! It was so fun to read your blog and see a picture of you and your husband. I didn't know that you are expecting. Congratulations! Little ones are so fun! Where are you living? We live in Nibley and I love it. I'm so glad that I have been able to stay in the valley (so far...). Hope everything goes well with the baby! Can't wait to see some pictures!