Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Education of New Parents: Kissy poo face & typing one-handed

Now we know that when our sweet son makes what we first called his kissy face, he really is just letting us know that a dirty diaper is on its way. So, now this particular face is called the kissy poo face. I love it when he does the kissy poo face with his eyes crossed. It wouldn't win any "cutest baby" contest, but it sure wins a mother's heart (and laugh).

"Come on, Mom, can we be done with the photo shoot already?"

We are learning more about his personality, too. With his main baby needs taken care of, he is a very calm baby - as long as he is being held. This kid does not like to be put down. Even when he is fast asleep, he wakes up after five or ten minutes in his bassinet, bouncer, or swing. I don't know how he knows. So, if anyone has any ideas for helping a baby learn to be okay not in someone's arms, please comment and let me know. In the mean time, I'm getting a little better typing one-handed.


Janelle said...

He is one handsome boy! It's funny how many things you can do with one hand when you have to, isn't it? Enjoy him... :)

The said...

YAY! Keep posting every day okay?! Since I have no life right now i live for these posts! Haha! Love ya!
He's so cute!!

Larkin said...

Every baby is different.. but you could try white noise... a noisy fan, a vacuum, a tv, or make your own cd.. the white noise comforts them like when they were in the womb. If you can get him to fall asleep in the bassinet or etc.. they usually sleep longer, but that isn't always an option. Hope that helps.. Good luck! He is soo cute!! Love the kissy poo face!

Wellness Group said...

Savannah makes a similar face when she is getting ready to poop- it's awesome :) And as far as sleeping, it seems to help her stay asleep (when she falls asleep in my arms and I put her down) if she is in contact with my body the whole time she's being put down. Meaning that I cuddle her to me and put my face against her head and slowly lower her, while keeping full contact with her (even my head!). then I keep my hands under her body for about 20 seconds, then slowly move them out from under her and put one on her head for about 30 seconds and the other one on the top of her head. Her and Millie (and my mom says other babies too) don't like to feel like they're falling, so that's why I keep her car seat in her crib (because she sleeps best in it) so that it's not too far off the ground so it's easy to keep my body next to hers when I put her in. And I hold her hands because it seems to startle her when she moves them around. Then, if she wakes up 5 or 10 minutes later, I put the pacifier in her mouth and quite often she'll go back to sleep for an hour or so. Good luck!
For the future, if you have more questions about babies and sleep, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" is an awesome book- Maecy loves it too. To be on a regular sleep schedule, babies need to be a little older- about 3-4 months (according to the author of this book) but I loved it when Millie was a baby and it continues to help me with her even though she's 3 now.
Sorry about my novel!

The Tame Gang said...

have you tried swaddling?

Blaire said...

You should get a baby sling or a snugli. It keeps the baby close to you, but leaves your hands free so you can go about your daily business and everyone is happy :)

Melanie Quito said...


When you learn the secret of how to make kids sleep, please let me know. I've been trying to get Evelyn to sleep in her bed, by herself, all night, for 2 1/2 years now. I still have to lay in the bedroom with her until she she falls asleap, and then I wake up in the middle of the night to a tiny body comfortably hogging half of MY bed! Don't get the wrong idea, though, I secretly LOVE it. At least she outwardly shows me (nightly) that she loves me and wants to be by me! :D