Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hip hoorah! Hip hooray! Pedrito slept in HIS bed today!

Prayers are answered! Our little guy who has refused to sleep in his own bed for more than 20 minutes or so finally slept in his bassinet for about three hours in between feedings last night and during naps today.

We've started to incorporate some methods of routine from Babywise with methods from The Happiest Baby on the Block. I was skeptical at first having been "warned" about Babywise. But, I like the idea of building a relationship based on healthy interaction (with a mom who isn't completely exhausted) and not just constant, close proximity.

It is amazing how much better sleep I got without all the cute little baby noises in my ear. And, it's been so fun playing with my baby now that I'm less of a zombie.

Life is good.

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Kiley said...

Oh, I'm happy for you. Keep it up, Pedrito!