Tuesday, December 8, 2009

He Knows Him

Above my baby's crib hangs a much larger picture of Jesus and the children, the same one you see on the right side of our blog. Pedro T. loves this picture. Before I put him down for a nap, he always bursts out of his tiredness for a few minutes when he sees this picture. He focuses on Jesus and gets really excited, smiling and making his body bounce up and down. He knows Him. These are the precious moments of motherhood.

What a sweet gift it is to care for a baby, one of God's precious children. I feel honored to be a mother. I hope I can teach my baby to always remember that God loves him unconditionally and to love God by keeping His commandments.


BBC said...

that is so sweet! babies are such treasures! i love being a mom!

Kiley said...

It's amazing to see how much they already know!

LaVon said...

He hasn't been away from Him very long. I'm sure he still glows that heavenly light. When Amie was about two we were looking at old pictures. We had one of Grandpa Mills and she said, "Oh I know him." That was pretty interesting because Grandpa died one month before Amie was born. I truly believe little children remember more about heaven than we know. Maybe that's why it takes time for them to pick up language, because they aren't for this holiday season.