Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas!

We hope you have a memorable Christmas or at least one of those wonderful Christmases that blend into all the other wonderful Christmas pasts that make you grateful for family, friends, health, liberty, peace and all the multitude of blessings we enjoy because of our Lord and Savior.

I didn't get any kind of newsletter out this year, but if I had it would have said something like:

We had a baby! Look at our blog for more details.

My parents' newsletter had the following:

Lisa, Pedro and Pedrito enjoy living in St. Paul, Minnesota (except for a few really cold weeks). They love being parents of the cutest baby boy ever, Pedro Tzion (meaning “sunny mountain”, named for his hiking guru grandpa). Lisa had a blast playing with her aunt, Sharla, in Florida for a few days. Now, as a full-time mom, she continues working from home on a few management projects for Goodwill-Easter Seals and participating on the board of directors for their neighborhood cooperative. Pedro is half way through law school at the University of Minnesota. He maintains a good balance by playing with his family, working with inner-city boys in scouting and making his own light-weight hiking gear. He tested it on part of the beautiful Lake Superior hiking trail. They have learned a lot teaching the 3-year-old sunbeams in primary.



Keri said...

It's so good to see how you're doing! What a cutie little Pedro is!

Happiness is... said...

Thank you for your uplifting, wonderful thoughts! It's been a while since I've been able to check other people's blogs (as well as update ours), but today, we had a day off, so I am taking a little time to do so. I loved your comments on Pedro T. knowing Christ! You are such amazing parents, I'm sure you'll be able to instill in him a continuous love for his Heavenly Father and Heavenly home!
Hope your new year is going very well! Hope to see you again soon!