Monday, January 25, 2010

Frogs are made for a little boys pocket

While in the process of giving our blog a new look, I found this fun froggy background. It probably won't be our permanent look, but it is so fun, I thought I'd keep it for a few days - maybe long enough for my missionary brother to see it when he checks his email. So, let me know when you see it, okay, Elder Mills.

A few stories/ thoughts about some of the frogs in my life:

1. The frogs in Bolivia don't croak; they whistle. In several areas where I served an LDS mission, my companion and I often heard and/or saw several hundred frogs after dusk as we walked country roads near ponds or muddy fields. To me, the chorus of whistling soothed like a nostalgic folk song. To my second companion in Trinidad, the sound sent chills up her spine. Hermana Rocha: by day, a fearless, bold commander in God's army not unlike a stereotypical drill sergeant (minus the cussing); by night, a whimpering, squealing school girl clinging to my arm as we carefully sidestepped the puddles and the hopping shadows in our path.

2. With his chubby cheeks, sometimes Pedrito's cute face looks a little froggy.

3. Once I left my muddy hiking boots just outside the door. The next morning I discovered a frog had made my shoe his home for the night. I'm glad I noticed the frog before I put my foot in the shoe. That would've been gross.

4. In the fourth grade, my teacher gave us a turn to take home Billy Bob, the class frog (toy), and write a story about his adventures. I can't remember what I wrote, but I remember someone painted lipstick on another toy frog and wrote about Billy Bob getting married.

5. Though I didn't know this frog personally, I won't forget about hearing the analogy of sin like putting a frog in a pot of boiling water. He jumps right out unless you turn the heat up slowly so he is comfortable until he get cooked. Ouch!

6. I'm not sure if I actually remember this or not, but my mom has a picture I drew of a family vacation to Zion's National Park. I was probably three or four when we hiked to Emerald Springs. I got a kick out of catching tiny frogs in the pools. I don't think I put any in my pockets, but if I did . . . Sorry little froggy.

COMMENT: Share any funny/interesting/not-super-gross stories or thoughts you have about the frogs in your life. This will be fun to read.


Kiley said...

1. I've never met a frog in the wild. I'm quite sure I'm missing out.

Blaire said...

My grandma and grandpa once had a big warty toad in their driveway in Pleasant View, UT. It didn't jump or make any noise, it just stared.

Rachel said...

My brother and sisters and I would catch tadpoles and raise them until they were frogs. When I was very small.

Clarinda said...

Once in college, it was getting kind of dark out, and I wasnt' paying attention to where I was walking, and I stepped right on a frog. He jumped away quickly after that!