Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A boy, a ball and a bug

The Pedros love to play basketball.

We discovered Little Pedrodeo (my newest nickname for him) has a skin contact allergy to milk/yogurt, so we are working at being less messing at meal times and not smearing milk/yogurt across his face.

This is a bug. A big bug. A fast bug. A scary-looking bug.
We became such good friends after he spent the afternoon on my table under a vase that I dropped him out by the back fence that night instead of in the toilet.


jeff and alli said...

I would have been a bit freaked out by that bug.

Cute pictures of little Pedro playing ball.

Kiley said...

Gross bug! I'm sorry about Pedro's skin allergy - that's awful!

Melanie Q. said...

Lisa, you are so creative and have such a unique, positive outlook on things that I hope you know how special you are.

Wellness Group said...

crazy! we saw a bug just like that when we moved to ky- i have never seen them before!
thanks for hanging out with kyle and letting him sleep at your place. he really enjoyed it!