Friday, November 19, 2010


Turning over couch cushions and bouncing up and down must be one of those innate abilities that surfaces once a kid is capable of bouncing. While this little boy imitates nearly everything we do, I promise he has never seen us turn over couch cushions and bounce on them (we wait 'till he's asleep - j.k.).

Something we have tried to teach him that he does very well is kneeling down and folding his arms when someone mentions the word "prayer". And, his proud parents are awed when he actually stays kneeling with his arms folded for the entire prayer.

He is getting better at the game "Where's your nose [eyes,ears, mouth]. But, he sometimes confuses the action for "Touch your nose" with "touchdown", which is more fun to do anyway.

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Kiley said...

Touchdown is way better. And, way to go on the teaching! Those moments are priceless - when our children act in the way we've taught them!