Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tickle Tickle Tickle

Lil' Pedro likes to play "tickle toes." Whenever he sees our toes (or his), he pretends to tickle by wiggling his fingers at them while saying his version of "tickle tickle tickle."

The other day we were playing at a toddler's gym, a parks and rec program where parents can bring kids to play with balls, hoola hoops and small indoor slides and teeter totters. Pedro was playing basketball when the purple penguin socks of a girl caught his eye. He toddled over, pointed at the penguins and started to play the tickle game. The girl, who was about three, wasn't so comfortable with a strange kid wiggling his fingers near her feet, but she smiled when I explained that he thought her socks were really neat. I quickly distracted him with a basketball.

This kid makes me laugh all the time. (For Grandmas and aunts who care: See his new molar on his bottom right side.)

Lil' P loves to draw/write with pens. Crayons won't do for this little man. Maybe because he loves taking pen lids off and putting them on again as much as he likes drawing. Today, we compromised with some newly-purchased washable markers. He let me know when he finished with his masterpiece by throwing all the markers on the floor. I've started asking him to clean up whatever he throws on the floor, which he is pretty good about doing. So, he got to pick up the markers and put them back in a cup. The second I turned my back for two seconds, he started to work on a new type of canvas: the floor. Gotta love those washable markers. 


Kiley said...

Oh, that kid is cute. Darling!!!

LaVon said...

Such a cutie!! He is growing up so fast! Love your stories and pictures.