Saturday, December 11, 2010


Rody (my newest favorite nickname for Lil' Pedro) is BILINGUAL! He can say Mama (Spanish: Mama), Dada (Spanish: Papa) and Turtle (Spanish: Tortuga). He says Mama or Papa upon request only, but the past two days he has wandered around repeating tor-tu-ga in that adorable little voice of his just for fun. I taught Rody "turtle" first, and he enjoyed saying it for a few hours until his dad came home and taught him "tortuga". Most kids' first words are cup or ball or something useful, so what does it mean that our kid only says "tortuga" and seems content to stick with his grunt/squeal/point to communicate? He is either brilliant or, uh, well, let's just stay with brilliant.


Kiley said...

He's brilliant. Definitely!

jeff and alli said...

Great first word.

I always find it interesting which words Rees prefers in french and which ones he will only say in english.