Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A good FULL day!

Today I: greeted the sunrise, enjoyed my personal study time before my boy woke up, got ready, ate and gave Rody breakfast, made dinner for my family and the newest mother in the ward, took Rody to a ear-nose-throat doctor (tubes are on the horizon), dropped off dinner, took the car in for an oil/filter change and fuel cleaning (yay! the car isn't jumpy), made friends in the waiting room (Rody learned how to say Nick, who promised to attend his basketball games in a few years), fed us lunch, worked on CTC board business and the database for the Father Project while Rody took a long nap (thank you son!), enjoyed my afternoon not making dinner, but doing math problems and baking cookies with one of my favorite 11-year-olds and my boy, danced to primary songs with Rody, called Rody's papa twice before bed, read Elmo, enjoyed my favorite time of the day - holding my son while singing him lullabies, jogged 8 miles while watching Biggest Loser (can you believe they sent Arthur home?? - please!) and procrastinated the dishes until after a quick blog post. Watch out dishes! Here I come!

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Kiley said...

Way to go you!