Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I stopped doing dishes so I could come write this blog. For all of you who have a dishwasher, BE GRATEFUL. I am grateful for running water inside my house so I don't have to go outside in the freezing cold to get water. That said, I'm definitely, hands-down, no questions asked, amen and hallalujah, nuff said, getting a dishwasher when we are finished with law school. Or, I might consider moving to an enchanted castle where the dishes can sing, they can dance, after all this is France, and most importantly they wash themselves.


Keri said...

Lisa, you're amazing! I really like what you said about proposition 8--I might refer back to it a few times if you don't mind. :)

Kiley said...

Good luck surviving until you get the dishwasher!

Blaire said...

Right on. I have a dishwasher, but it's so old you kind of have to wash the dishes twice. So when you find that enchanted castle with the self cleaning dishes, see if there's one for me in the neighborhood.

Wu said...

I love gratitude too. It is amazing what that little virtue can do in our lives. Hope everything is going good out there. Much loves.
Brittany R.

mom said...

I am grateful for a beautiful intelligent daughter and a hard working, kind and smart son-in-law.

I am grateful that you do not have a dish washer so you can have some hard ship to overcome and tell my grandchildren about.

My grandmother remembered seeing her 1st car. My mother remembered her first television. My father remembered first getting indoor plumbing. I remember life before calculators, microwave ovens and home computers. What will you tell your children that will amaze them?
Wouldn't it be wonderful to say you remember life before the Savior Returned?

Steve and Jenn Fletcher said...

Yeah, we didn't have a dishwasher for the first nine years (and three kids) of our marriage. It's been two whole years since we got one and I STILL appreciate it every single day. I never take it for granted. (That's the upside of going without REALLY appreciate one when you finally do get it.)

Good luck with the up-and-coming Minnesota winter. Hope it is not as bad as last year. (I keep hearing it is supposed to be worse! Say lots of prayers!)