Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So, I'm pretty excited and I'll tell you why

The UPS guy came.

Why would I get so excited about the guy in brown, you ask? Well, he brought me my DDR substitute.

I always imagined my dark, too-freezing-cold-to-exercise-outside-unless-you-want-to-get-on-a-lung-transplant-waiting-list days in Minnesota filled with the joyous vibrations of DDR - Dance Dance Revolution. But, as I would have to buy a game system (perferably a Wii), a t.v., the game and a dance pad, alas, my budget told me it was not to be (graduate student loan payments being what they are and the popular ranks of unemployment being what they are, well, nuff said).

Then I found Dance Praise, a Christian version of DDR. The actual game is very similiar to DDR, except it runs off my lap top, thus, eliminating the need to buy a t.v. and a game system. I got the CD-ROM and the dance pad for $50 plus $10 for shipping. YES!!!

It doesn't have the same great songs as DDR, of course, but the Christian songs have positive messages. Also, the hard level seems easier than DDR's hard level, so I hope it will give me a challenge. But for only $50, I'm pretty excited. Oh, and for you VeggieTales lovers, there is a VeggieTales version of DDR, so kids (and kids at heart) can dance to Silly Songs with Larry to their hearts' content.

So, if any one wants to party, come on over and we'll DDR like there's no tomorrow.


Janelle said...

yep, still a Veggie Tales lover, and I think I'm starting to convert my kids! ;) Maybe we'll have to check into that!

Dominoe said...

A VeggieTales version?! I've gotta get that!

Kim said...

Hey!! I am so glad you found my blog so I could find yours. You are a super cute couple!! You sound like you still have tons of enthusiasm for life and are doing great!! Your wedding pictures are beautiful.

Kathleen Mills said...

Hey Lisa,
Great job on your blog! It is wonderful! You should teach lessons. I would pay, I bet others would too. I am happy all over thinking about you playing with your new toy. Do you think Devan would like one? I am excited to see you. Counting the days-39!--ah,ha,ha,ha,ha!
Love Ya