Friday, November 21, 2008

What it's all about

I am really enjoying my work at Goodwill-EasterSeals. Goodwill is like the DI of Utah, but it's Mission Services Division has several programs to help people overcome barriers to employment. Mostly, they help people with disabilities or people in poverty. The main value is to strengthen the family - a value I really identify with. One of the programs, the FATHER Project - helps non-married dads build relationships with their children and learn to support them financially and emotionally.

I love being able to use my skills to help an organization with such great programs. I work with the Director of Quality and Evaluation as a project assistant. Though lots of my work is tedious administrative organizing of spreadsheet data and editing policies, my supervisor, Andrew, is great at letting me take on more interesting projects. I recognize how I could use my public administration education to benefit this organization, even though as a lowly project assistant I don't always have the opportunity to do so extensively.

I edited the strategic plan for Mission Services. While the content had already been approved by the board, I was able to make some minor changes to differentiate between outputs and outcomes and how they should be measured differently. Though most of the things needing changed weren't going to happen that day because of certain deadlines, at least my supervisor knows I understand and can help with the strategic plan details in the future.

I am also the point person for our AmeriCorps program. I interview candidates - which is way more fun than being interviewed. I resolve their concerns. And, I anticipate designing and delivering some training materials and working on measuring certain outputs for the grant requirements.

What else . . . I get to organize a special event in December. Oh, and I added a couple of pictures with animation to a PPT for a staff meeting, and several people commented on how great it was. If they were so excited with a simple PPT I put together in 20 minutes, they would flip to see one of my Baker PPT with a running agenda and professional application of the so-fun animation.

Though my job is technically a temp position, today, Andrew, asked me to be on a committee for the annual company banquet that takes place next spring. So, they may have me stick around for a while. I am working with managers in several divisions, so, hopefully, I'll get hired full-time for something or other soon.

Anyway, mostly, I'm just happy to be using my skills working with happy people for a happy good cause.


Kimber said...

What a fun project! You seem to be doing great. Thanks for keeping up on your blog - I enjoy seeing what you two are up to!

Miles Family said...

That is amazing, congrats.
Are you planning on getting together with Kyle and Ty for Thanksgiving?

Kiley said...

Way to go! I'm happy for you . . . it sounds like such a great job for you!

Dominoe said...

I went private! Send me an email so I can send you an invite -