Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birthdays, Parents, and how I know God is our father

What is a birthday? A day in which we commemorate a new life in this world and celebrate continued life.

I've had my share of birthdays and have come to expect the tradition of everyone celebrating me. Which I can't say I don't like. But, really, it should be a day to honor my mother and father for the sacrifices they made in giving me life and keeping me alive. Yet, on this day for so many years when I should have been honoring them, they made it about me. They gave me gifts, made me yummy dinners and took me fun places.

From a self-centered perspective, one might wonder why anyone would want to be a parent. It seems like it's all about sacrifice, about giving, not getting. But, that is where the miracle happens. In a way, it's like that chemistry solution back in high school where somehow by combining two liquids you get a solid substance. In the combination of sacrifice and love, you get a solid substance of joy. Then God throws in more joy and love (and energy) just for trying the experiment.

God loves us! He is our Father! He knows the pure love and joy that come from being a good parent. I am so grateful He has let me try out this amazing parenting experiment. And, I am so grateful my parents decided to try it out about 27 years ago.

Thank you Mom and Dad!
Thank you Heavenly Father!


Kiley said...

. . . and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!

Miles Family said...

Happy B-Day!!!!

Larkin said...

Happy Birthday!! (You do have Awesome parents!)