Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Colorful Plastic Spoons - thanks Dani & JR

My poor little guy has a cold. He is pretty brave, but I can tell it's no fun for him 'cause he isn't usually this irritable. Everything I tried to do to help him be happy lasted for about 2 minutes. Then, when I pulled out the bright colored measuring spoons you sent for Christmas, a big grin broke across his sad little face. They rattle and bump and make lots of loud noise and he LOVES it!

OH, and he is officially crawling, not inch-worming anymore, well, not as much. Now, he has discovered how to coordinate the movements of his hands and knees.


JR and Dani said...

Aww, Glad I could help. Yay!

Larkin said...

It's so sad when they are sick! Glad you found something to make him happy!! Congrats Pedro on being a crawling man! Very exciting!