Thursday, February 18, 2010

old enough

I'm finally old enough to know what I want and sometimes I do it. On my birthday, I did it twice.

I got a free chicken tomato spinach alfredo Papa John's pizza when they were late on my order. So, even though it took 2 hours to get my pizza, it gave my friend Allison time to come over and share it with me.

Pedro surprised me on my birthday by coming home early from studying to take me out to dinner. (Aren't husbands great!) Part of me wanted the ideal "nice restaurant experience," since we don't get to do that very often. But, part of me really wanted the perfect spinach salad with not-in-season berries - and lots of them. Since it was unlikely I would find the perfect salad at a nice restaurant and it was very likely that a tired baby could ruin the "nice restaurant experience," I directed my wonderful man to the grocery store.

I love good fruit, but I rarely buy it because it is so expensive. But, it was my birthday. We bought blueberries, raspberries and blackberries for the salad. The spree continued with watermelon, nectarines, black grapes and bananas. I LOVED my salad. And, I loved that I had enough berries to snack on the next day and have another great salad two days later.

Oh, and we got peach frozen yogurt and Samoas Girl Scouts icecream, which I am enjoying right now while Pedro is at church basketball (see next post).

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