Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our little P.T. Cruiser gagging on carrots

Why are you laughing, Mom? There is nothing funny about these nasty carrots.Papi, you try it.
Uh, Mom, didn't I make myself clear the first time?
Papi, don't come near me with that spoon.
Fine. I'll keep eating it now, but just wait 'till you see my diapers later.

As much he hates his carrots, our little PT Cruiser loves his new-found freedom in squirm-worm-crawling. He pushes up on his hands and knees, falls forward and repeats the process, moving like an inch worm, until he gets what he wants. What a handsome fellow!
I just love this face!
And, this one.


Kiley said...

Cute kid! I love all those fun faces! And look at those chubby cheeks! It just makes me want to squeeze him!

JR and Dani said...

Aww!!! I love his face too! :)

Wellness Group said...

I love these pictures! Fun update on your cute boy :)

Blaire said...

One word: Awesome. I laughed so hard, thanks for sharing :)